Saturday, April 17, 2004

Yard Sale Today !

The community we live, Ocean Walk, had a community garage sale today, and we made about $200 selling extra stuff that we didn't want. Goodbye old clothes ! Goodbye under cabinet wine glass holder that has not fit a single cabinet in the FIVE houses we've lived in since we bought it. Why did we carry it around so long..."we might use it one day".

This phrase will cause more storage problems than you can imagine, and if you find yourself saying it, put the item down and don't buy it. Or if you already own it, taken it away from the place you keep it, and put it in a box labelled "Yard Sale". When its full, have a yard sale, and donate the unsold items to charity.

A good rule of thumb, as seen on many fine afternoon decorating programs, is to only keep those things you love, or have used in the last year. Anything else should be really considered yard-sale fodder. A clear house leads to a clear mind...erm...I think :)

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