Tuesday, April 20, 2004

The parts arrived !
Let joy be unbounded ! Let celebration reign throughout the land ! Let comical people bounce around with bells on ! The parts arrived ! I thought Fedex might have made a terrible mistake and delivered my computer components to the wrong house, but luckily they all arrived today, so tonight will be, hopefully, a tech-fest. I haven't actually built my own computer before. My current Athlon 600 is 5 years old, cost a small fortune, and was built for me by a good friend of mine back in Australia, Tim Watts (aka "Burger"). I'm going to break the old one up and sell the parts, just keeping the case, so by the time I've finished I think the new PC will only have cost maybe $300 or so.

And I found my drivers license, which had been missing for a few weeks. Those of you who already know me will not be surprised to hear it was in my wallet the whole time, a wallet I'd diligently, though incompetently, searched three times. I hadn't thought to look behind my social security card and resident alien ("Beep ! Beep !") cards, until "Kipp with two P's" suggested last night over dinner "Hey, did you look in your wallet ?". I activated my sarcasm chip.

"Duuuurrrrr....no, Kipp with Two P's, I hadn't thought of checking my wallet for the three weeks I've been without my license. I thought I'd look under the fridge first."

"Haha - dude, I'm just sayin'."

So let that be a lesson to you, grasshopper - listen to Kipp With Two P's and search the most obvious place THOROUGHLY before moving on to the sub-fridge area.

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