Thursday, April 15, 2004

Can anyone tell me, for the love of Mike, why all the paragraphs after the first in all my postings, are in a smaller font than the first paragraph ? It's really annoying.

In the meantime, I've succumbed to Sweet Lady Bargain and picked up several components for a new computer. Here comes the geek...

Soyo K7-VME motherboard...FREE after rebate ! In fact, if the rebate cheque comes, I actually make two dollars on the deal.
512MB Kingston PC2700 DDR RAM - $84 shipped from eBay. It's new (though the package was opened, which was a little weird) and currently costs about $100 retail.
120GB Maxtor Diamond 9 Hard drive, $40 after rebate. The rebate cheques arrived two days ago, so it's legit.
CPU hasn't arrived yet, but I'll be getting an AMD Athlon 2400 XP Mobile, which is nicely overclockable and runs cooler than the non-Mobile version.

I opened up the current computer to see if the new RAM worked, but it didn't fit (168 pin vs 184 pin), then when I put it back together it wouldn't start up for !? I'll be parting it out anyway because I don't need another computer...two is enough :)

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