Monday, April 19, 2004

DelRay Affair Street Festival

I woke up late today - 12.15 in the afternoon. I don't know why - I went to bed at about 1.30 am and slept like a rock...must have been the food from the German restaurant I suppose. Anyway we went to this street festival with our friends Vicky and Scott and spent a few hours walking around the festival ! I think they blocked off 4 city blocks along Atlantic avenue.I took lots of pictures of people and I'm getting very good a snapping pictures of people who don't notice that the camera, though its upside and in my hand by my side is actually pointing at them ! It's a good way to get candid pictures - nothing terribly exciting or special, but posed pictures are only good for parties and family. The first picture of the day was taken with the camera upside-down in my right hand, held down at arm's length...and the guy was smack dab in the middle of the frame, so I'm pretty pleased with my aim.

Also saw a Segway today, only my second sighting. I'd love to own one of these wonderful transporters, but its not practical for me right now. I need to have a car with me so I'll be able to go anywhere I need to at a moment's notice. If I rode a Segway to work (which I could do - the new office is only 5 miles away) it'd be hard to go anywhere but straight home after work. Plus the Florida weather in summer is either scorching hot or raining want to be in an airconditioned car in either case.

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