Sunday, April 25, 2004

The New Computer Works !

Phew ! After a real problem that caused a 24 hour delay, I got the last part I needed into place and the new computer started up ! I'm currently installing the software it needs, which is going to take a few hours...Windows XP, new drivers for all the parts....I hope it goes smoothly, especially the video capture card. I've had nothing but problems with every one of those I've ever bought - they'd freeze up when you tried to use them, or even change their settings. Frustrating as anything I've ever tried.

I read a bit about Mother Teresa last night - did you know she was, at best, a misguided and dangerous person ? At worst, someone who increased the suffering of thousands because she thought more about their souls than their daily life ? I hope she doesn't get made a saint, but in today's religious climate, it's probably inevitable.

All right, another nice swim to cool off, and I'll be posting more photos today on the photo blog, so click the buzznet link on the right if you'd like to see.

[Edited on April 29th 2004 after seeing that this page comes up if you google for "soyo k7 vme"- I'll also add K7VME as a single word for google to find]
Installation Notes for Soyo K7VME K7-VME K7 VME
Mobo Page

The only hassles I had with this motherboard involve its layout. You can see a picture at the above link and get a detailed image too. Just beneath the CPU socket is the 3 pin connector for the CPU heatsink/fan (HSF). I you get a big HSF (my first one was 88 mm long), it will sit over the top of this connector and you will be unable to plug it in. In my case, even when I plugged it in first, THEN installed the HSF, it actually pressed down on top of the connector and created a short. I ended up buying a smaller HSF, so if you buy this mobo, stick with a HSF that is 60 or 70 mm. 80 *might* work, but be prepared to do a return if it doesn't.

The other problem was with the CMOS battery and the tv capture card I bought. See on the left of the board how the CMOS battery sits vertically, right next to a PCI slot ? Well my PCI card had a tall capacitor sticking out right at that point, and the CMOS battery prevented me from installing it in that slot. That means, as I'm sure you gamers know, I had to PCI card right next to the video card in the AGP slot. The video card install actually asks you to leave the adjacent pci slot free, to allow the card to cool off more easily, so I hope it can cope with being crowded in.

I've only had it a few days so far and the temps on my AMD Mobile 2400 are about 42C in the case and 51C on the chip with no overclocking. I'm planning to upgrade the HSF later if I do any overclocking.

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