Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Idiot of the Day

Congratulations to the woman I just saw ride her bicycle across Alt A1A at the corner of Indiantown Road against the red light. I mean, the light is just there to oppress you, right ? You don't need to worry about the trucks and SUVs that have a green arrow to turn left and had to jump on the brakes to avoid hitting you. And your baby. Did I mention your baby ? He/she was sitting behind you, safely strapped in to a plastic seat that is surely impervious to SUV impacts. But I'm sure you'd thought that through as you casually surveyed the six lane intersection and decided to give Survival of the Fittest a try. Your baby thanks you for the up-close view of the trucks too...he likes trucks and might like to drive one IF HE SURVIVES HIS CHILDHOOD !

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