Sunday, September 28, 2003

A New Experience

I've been watching a cool TV show called Queer Eye For The Straight Guy which, if you've been living under a rock and haven't heard of it, is a "makeover" program in which five gay men take a straight slob and clean him up, then have him host a party, or take a woman on their first date or something.

I've taken their "it's time to grow up" advice to heart and I'm trying to leave behind the desire to live like I did in my twenties - a live of video games, flannel shirts and ill-fitting jeans. As the Fab 5 say, it's time to buy "big-boy clothes" and embrace the idea of living like an adult. It's not something you "have to do", but its something you should do for yourself.

Anyway, I'm writing this because Deanne just used a hair removal cream on my back ! All my thick Mediterranean back hair is gone, leaving smooth skin I haven't seen for about 15 years. It feel weird...a soft cotton t-shirt is feeling prickly but I'm sure it'll pass.

We're driving to Miami today for a couple of days and, being a juvenile geek, I'm going to rent a Segway for a couple of hours...I'm may have given up my back hair but I ain't giving up my toys.

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

When the cat is away, the mouseless will play

Deanne is in Cedar Rapids, Iowa today, so after getting home I cleaned up the house a little, ate a healthy little snack, did my exercises and watched the Cowboy Bebop movie. It was pretty good but I think I'm a casual anime fan; I can't get the enthusiasm up about these sorts of things like I could when I was younger. Oo-er, sounds a bit rude.

I moved the Belkin wireless receiver out of the laundry and into the dining room today, just to see if it improved reception. It did, so I'll have to try and find a nice way to make this a permanent move - I'm typing from bed and listening to live365 as I write. I updated Patch's diary with the "why is your neighbour allowed to have a horse in his house ?" story, updated my virus software and my cd ripper and discovered that my FTP client, Leech FTP has not been updated in three years, but it works just fine for me.

In other FTP news, Sausage Software released HotFTP, a program I worked on for a little while. I wonder how much of my original framework and/or code they ended up using ? I hope all of it :)

Saturday, September 06, 2003

Late Night Walk

Deanne and I went for a long walk last night. I thought it wasn't hot
outside, but boy was I wrong ! It's a half-mile walk to the gate that
leads to the beach and before we were halfway there I was feeling the
smothering effect of Florida's humid nights. Still we pressed on, with
Patch sniffing his way along and exercising his nose as much as his

We walked half a mile up the beach and back, enjoying the ocean's cool
water on our feet while Patch was almost invisible in the clouded-over
moonlight. We saw something we'd never seen before though...two
baby sea-turtles ! Our beach is a nesting ground for sea turtles and though
we've seen the position of their nests (they're marked with stakes and flags)
we'd never actually seen turtles there either coming or going.

Each encounter was only a few brief seconds, but it was very cool to watch.
They're so small but they push steadfastly down the beach and into
the water. Each one faced at least one big wave that pushed them back,
but that same wave carried them forward again into the ocean. I'm sure
someone might think that was a metaphor for something, but not me.