Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Trail of Text

A trip down memory lane is only a short google away for those of us who spent time on Usenet newsgroups while at University. I just found some schtuff I used to write, a sci-fi space opera comedic gem called "Rocket Roger", plus two postings accepted on rec.humor.funny, the History of the Jolnopski family and the Long Airplane Flight. Jeez, the stuff I thought was hilarious when I was 20 :) Bits of it hold up OK, IMHO :)

Rocket Roger was a lot of fun, actually. My friend Daniel Bowen and I decided to try writing something and getting people to subscribe to it over email. I wrote Rocket Roger, which went on to fame and glory, and he did Toxic Custard, which disappeared into obscurity. Or was the other way around ? Anyway, I posted my stories twice a week, and Daniel did his once a week. I prided myself on never editing or plotting; I just wrote whatever came to mind. This worked well (by my standards) for quite a good while. I got Rocket Roger printed in the student newspaper as a single story, which looked very odd, but it did come with a cool illustration of Roger and Chadwick with a retro-style rocket in the background. Wish I knew where that was now :(

The new computer is totally rocking - I'm using all Mozilla software, Open Office, downloading The GIMP for image editing. Oh, and Unreal Tournament 2004 Demo is insanely fun.

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