Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Hot Bodies

So I got to thinking about body temperatures this morning. Why is our body temperature 37 Celcius (or 98.6 Fahrenheit). Why not higher or lower ? Is it a sum total of all the chemical reactions going on in our bodies, such as breathing and digestion ? AquaticApe.org summarizes some info about us: our temperature depends on our activity and the time of day, and talks about evolution a bit too, and compares our temperatures with those of other animals. No mention of why it's that number though.

And here's the answer ! We've evolved to make maximum use of the enyzmes and catalysts in our bodies which handle our basic chemistry. They work most efficiently at around our body temperatures. Interesting stuff :)

The Computer Is Done - Where Will We Keep It ?
My new computer is secured in its case and ready to be placed somewhere in the house. Now comes the negotiation :) Up till now we've have just the laptop in the office upstairs, while the old Big Beige Box sat in the laundry downstairs, seldom used or needed. But I'd like to keep the new computer in the office, along with its 19" CRT (old style, not sleek thin LCD screen). I wonder how Deanne's going to like that idea :) ?

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