Tuesday, June 01, 2004

monkey off my back

I've finally got the first version of Mercury MailRoom out the door. I finished the help file, added the "don't do that stupid thing, userboy" protection features that it needed, and bought a Delphi component to do the file attachments thingy. You don't want to know...suffice it to say that getting actual files into the clipboard, so that when you paste them into Outlook they'll look like regular attachments, ain't easy unless you're Microsoft.

But it's done and I'm Hap-Hap-Happy. I've never written my own product before and this has been a lot of fun. I hope to get insanely rich off it and retire to a life of debauchery, consisting of lots of new toys for me and the spousal overunit, houses all over the world and people paid to iron my clothes and mop the floor.

So if you need a tool to help your rapidly diminishing tech support crew answer a rapidly rising tide of email, leave a comment asking about Mercury MailRoom.

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