Wednesday, June 09, 2004

you can't spend the whole song in space

Today's Thing I Agree With is an article by Bruce Sterling in Wired about the Bush government's propensity towards legislating science. In Suicide by Pseudoscience, Sterling gives us a summary of how a political nutcase called Lysenko derailed Soviet science, and how we're beginning to go down that path here in the USA. We're a long way from it, but this administration seems more hellbent than most on filtering the science they want to hear. Wasn't it Reagan who said "facts are stupid things"? Well, Bush is going one one (two? three?) steps further, so far that the Union of Concerned Scientists issued a report warning about how far this government has gone to twist the scientific method and the body of knowledge in order to fit it into it's own view of the world. I hope this policy is halted before it does any more damage.

In other news, is Amarok not the greatest instrumental album of all time?

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