Saturday, June 26, 2004

from the top

Deanne's got a tooth situation that's going to require a root canal on Monday, so she's spending the weekend clutching her jaw and groaning. A dentist was able to see her and put it a temporary filling on Friday, but she's on the pain pills to keep it under control until then. We went out for a little shopping today and while looking at carpets, a weird thing happened. One of the staff approached me and asked if I liked the carpet.

"Sure, it's pretty nice. We're thinking of getting it."
"Do you want it cheaper? I can get you a discount."

Hmmm...strange way to phrase it, I thought, but let's see where it goes.

"How much of a discount ?"
"50% off. Just give me fifty bucks for the rug and a hundred dollar tip and meet me outside. You'll get your rug....but you can't bring it back."
"How is that different from theft ?" I asked.

He backpedalled a little and said he could get me a discount because the rug was damaged while being unpacked etc. but I just thanked him and declined politely. I've heard of employee theft but never actually seen it happen.

Curly Oxide
As we were driving home we listened to This American Life, an excellent radio show. This episode was about Curly Oxide, an Hasidic Jew named Chaim who felt the pull of rock'n'roll and for two years performed as Curly Oxide. He soaked up popular culture like a sponge and leapt right in with both feet, but eventually gave it up for marriage. A great story. And apparently just talking about it has made this blog the #1 hit on Google for this fellow...those of you who are disappointed to find out I'm not him :) will want to read this interview with Vic Thrill, Curly's friend from the radio piece. Vic Thrill also has his own site.

Then we listened to From The Top which featured Peter Schickele, who is better known as the discoverer of P.D.Q Bach. What was unusual was that Deanne didn't ask me to turn the radio over to a regular music channel - she's usually got no patience for NPR, but we listened to two whole hours of it today. I think it's because I was a very compliant shopper and also I'm wearing a stylish baseball shirt that drives her crazy :) She's napping now and around four o'clock we're going to see Fahrenheit 9/11, Michael Moore's new film.

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peacecorn said...

Hey there. Found your blog while searching on, you guessed it, Vic Thrill and Curly Oxide. I just finished listening to the This American Life episode.

God bless, in my part of Florida, we don't get This American Life. Just wanted to say hey, I live in Florida, work for a medical software company, and loved the Curly Oxide spot too.