Wednesday, June 16, 2004

nibbled to death by cats

A weird scary headline for a day which sees me sneezing and sniffling. Deanne and I played host to our friend Jennifer, who was Deanne's maid of honour, and we had a great weekend, right until Deanne caught a helluva nasty cold. She's travelling all this week too, so she's sucking down the medicine like there's no tomorrow. Luckily New York is quite warm this week, but she's in a different hotel each night and has to talk for about 7 hours a day, so I'm expecting a wreck of a woman to come back on Friday :(

I stayed home today because of the cold too, but I used the time to complete the 2nd beta version of Mercury MailRoom. The site isn't up yet, but I've asked all the beta testers (there were seven) if they'd like to look again. As soon as the site is up we can start doing sales, which will be an exciting thing :) !

Kipp came over yesterday after work and we played some NHL Hitz hockey on the gamecube. Lots of fun, but I'm definitely feeling that my gaming days are behind me. I enjoy them, but don't feel the need to spend long hours winning every possible stage. Bit late in life to come to this realization, but there you go :)

A big day for Babylon 5 fans today - JMS revealed that the coming B5 movie is called The Memory of Shadows, but that the untimely death of Richard Biggs, who played Dr. Stephen Franklin, has slowed preparations somewhat. My guess is that there's going to be some script changes. He also said that the coming "Crusade" DVD collection will have him telling the story of how the show got screwed by TNT...eeeeexcellent.

The fridge guy will be coming on Friday and I've just knocked a big chunk off our home insurance costs..the last company was, I'm afraid, screwing us.

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