Monday, June 07, 2004

welcome to the garden of earthly delights

We had a really nice weekend. Breakfast on Saturday at a new gourmet breakfast/lunch placed called Eatsy's that turned out to have really good food but very spotty service. We had to ask for silverware three times, water twice, two plates got sent back because the side dishes were wrong, but I guess they're just getting started and need time to...I dunno...LEARN TO READ!?

Deanne and I napped for most of late Saturday afternoon, then went out with friends Vicky and Scott for dinner and some live music at Paddy Macs. The band was three acoustic guitarists called Acoustic Revue (?). They were really good and played lots of covers and a few originals. I asked for Neil Young's "Cortez the Killer" because The Church played it and I've never actually heard the original. These guys seemed to know their Crosby Stills Nash & Young, Eagles etc, so I think what I heard was close to the original Neil Young. I bought one of the guys' solo CDs too. Scott commented that, since he bought one too, he was surprised I hadn't offered to just burn a copy for him. "Hey", says I, "I'm happy to buy a CD that hasn't been put out by those greedy hypocrites that run big record companies." The title track, "piece of the sun" is available on his site for free, so take a listen and support our local artists.

On Sunday we swam a little, attack the north face of Mount Laundry, painted the house a little more and I started the long process of copying parts of my video collection to DVD. I began with a Church live show (what else?) and found that at this 1989/90 era concert Steve was using the bass that I now own - cool :) !

Lastly Mercury MailRoom has been installed in our tech support department, so I'm heading over there to see how they're doing with it.

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