Monday, May 31, 2004

Pictures - yay!

I've remembered that my bellsouth account entitles me to 10MB of disk space, so I'll use that to host my images. Entering the HTML by hand is a pain though...why does Blogger's new image hosting service only work work through an instant message bot ? What the heck is that about ?

Our company, Document Storage Systems moved into its new offices today. A lot of people worked very hard to get it ready on time and it really looks terrific. I haven't worked in a proper office since 1999 - all the dotcoms and smaller companies I have worked for were on pretty tight budgets, and the current employer had been in rental digs for the last few years. But we all worked hard and it resulted in enough money for us to buy a whole 4 storey office building and re-fit it. You can still smell the paint :) Here's a shot of the view from my window. The big office building you can see is of the Florida Power and Light main office.

The view from Brian's new office window.

Deanne is in New York this week and the products she's now managing are doing very well, with some new sales to her name. I'm slowly moving the stuff from the old office into the new one, but it's so damned hot here right now that I'm not taking more than one box per trip because I don't want to go back to the car more than I have to :) Plus the elevator isn't airconditioned yet.

OK, once again I have to filter out the really interesting stuff and just post the daily trivia of my life...what makes people decide to post the really juicy bits of their life ? So far I haven't found a reason :)

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