Thursday, May 06, 2004

A Fine Evening

We had a really nice evening yesterday. Despite the fact that it's now May, the weather is still really nice and we're not suffering the scorching hot days and sticky humid nights that we had last year. So after work Deanne and I went to the dogpark with Patch, where he played for about half an hour. Then we stopped for an ice cream (yes, Patch got one too) and drove to the beach to eat it and listen to the waves. We went to a part of the beach we hadn't seen before, a semi-deserted stretch between Juno Beach and our development in Jupiter. There were two guys finishing up their parasailing for the evening, so we watch them deflate their sails and pack their gear. The wind was cool and the ice cream was cold.

There was a couple there with two dogs, one of whom didn't want to leave. He spent 15 minutes chasing this dog all over the beach, so after talking to his wife for a while, and suggesting they leave a long leash on the dog so she could be caught more easily, we went down to the beach to help him. It didn't take long, because the other dog took an interest in Patch and while she was sniffing him, she stayed still long enough to be caught. They thanked us for our help and we went home :)

I've just realized that I can, in fact, add images to these posts as long as the images are stored on another website. I can do that, so later on I'll try to add pictures along with some of these messages.

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