Friday, July 02, 2004

fickle google
It seems my brief brush with the heady heights of High Google Ranking are over...not only am I no longer the #1 result for the search "curly oxide"; I ain't even in the list any more. My 15 minutes of fame lasted from Jul 01 2004 2:46:54 pm until Jul 02 2004 3:36:23 am and approximately 50 people came to this blog looking for information about Curly Oxide, the Hasidic Glam Rock star, who also burned briefly and brightly :) You can click the "Sitemeter" link on the right under the links to have a look through the logs...the data will be there for a little while longer. Here's an interesting statistic you might note: only two of those visitors used a search engine other than Google. It's a powerful and effective tool and it's clearly the first place most people go when they think of searching the web.

Did you notice that the companies which dominate various aspects of web life have made up names ? Think about it...auctions are "eBay", books are "Amazon", searching was "Yahoo" and now "Google". Those people who paid millions of dollars for "" and "" were wasting their money :) It's better to make a quality web site and teach the surfing public a totally new word that will come to "mean" [auctions|buying books|searching].

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