Thursday, July 22, 2004

everything and nothing
An excellent essay by a man urging his fellow citizens to stop living in the past, open their eyes, and turn the Arab world towards democracy.

I moved the computer out of the laundry and into the office last night...maybe I'll start using it more often instead of the old laptop which isn't good for much more than web-browsing and light development. But I gotta promise Deanne that I won't vanish into the office for hours at a time :)

I had a great experience over the weekend while watching Acoustic Remedy playing at Paddy Mac's . I asked Jason if he knew "Blues Run the Game", a fairly obscure Simon and Garfunkel tune. He said he didn't, but plucked out the first few notes and lyrics and I sang along with him to help jog his memory. The guy sitting next to us turned in surprise and as I stopped singing he said "Hey, don't stop !" which was nice :) I've been told I have a nice voice and with the computer upstairs I may bring the ol' guitar out, get a new microphone (Shure SM57) and see if can record something nice.

More to report later, including my experience firing a Magnum .357 at a gun range !


Daniel Bowen said...

You know, no matter how groovy it might be, I just can't quite fathom how moving your computer out of the laundry and into the office is going to help the cause of Arab democracy.

Brian said...

Well, that was a bit of a jump, wasn't it ? I meant for it to be a quick link before I got on with my own news o' the day. I should've said more about it :)