Thursday, July 22, 2004

My friend Chris Duffy was a groomsman at my wedding and is a very funny guy with a very interesting history. He sent me this observation about the USA being admitted to the ranks of cricket playing nations.

I wish I were making this up.

The ICC has admitted the US to the ranks of international cricket. While I am not a fan, apart from the concept of having a game where there can be a difference of hundreds and hundreds of points and still call it a draw, there is something nicely formal about cricket that I can only see this being to the detriment of.

I quite like the idea that the ICC will only allow the US to play if henceforward all coloured maps of the world show the US in pink. :-) Are there persons in the US who aspire to being as good as a Pakistani or West Indian? How will sports commentators cope with the prospect that an innings is when everyone on your team goes in till everyone is out? ("Thats gotta hurt Bob.")

I wonder if the ICC is just making allocation in case India glass hardens Pakistan, or global warming sinks the West Indies. Possibly New Zealand and Australia are planning unification. Surely the ICC is privy to some esoteric information along these lines, its the only thing that makes sense.

The US playing in a world series where other countries are invited? It's just not cricket.

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