Monday, July 05, 2004

happy 4th of july
And a big welcome back to all the Curly Oxide fans out there...the ways of Google are mysterious and random - I'm the #1 result on the "Curly Oxide" search again! Go me! The links to Mr. Oxide are further down the page, but really you're better off going back to google and trying some of the other hits: I'm just someone who heard the show on the radio, like you did.

But if any of you intelligent and discerning public radio listeners need help answering email, which seems to consist of a thousand people asking the same few questions, My Program Can Help ! We're still building the full website for it, but you can try the first version now. It's all explained in the help file and readme.txt and it's only a wafer-thin download, so please try it.

On to the main point of this blog, which is to let my friends and family know what Deanne and I do to occupy our time - we went to the fourth of july celebrations downtown last night and watched the fireworks. It was hot, humid and uncomfortable, but the sparkly lights were very cool. I took some pictures, which I'll post later on. I also just finished reading Larry Lessig's "The Future of Ideas" and have downloaded his next book, Free Culture, which you can also read for free - he'll explain why.

I'm reliably informed that today is a day of cleaning and Putting Stuff wife's predictions in this area tend to come true.

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