Tuesday, July 13, 2004

the music, man
Well, this has just been the coolest couple of days...a film maker called Curt Stewart (imdb entry) (no site yet, but maybe soon) has used a piece of music I recorded in his film, "The Wedge" ! The piece he chose is called "A Good Beginning" and it's available on my music page (scroll down about half way). I released that music under a Creative Commons license which allows me to very easily tell the world how much control I want to have over my music - in this case, not much :) If you have anything you want to give to the world without letting others make money off it, use this license to do it. Curt has released his movie under the same type of license.

Here's the information Curt gave me.

The movie was created for the StockStock 2004 film festival (www.stockstock.org). The festival worked like this: every entrant received a tape of stock footage from www.archive.org. Everyone got the exact same footage. We then had to create a movie without adding any additional footage, but we could add music, dialogue, digital effects, etc.

My movie is about a young boy that reflects on his relationship with his best friend. I know it sounds kind of sappy but it turned out funny and bittersweet.

I wanted to use some cool music and, after searching www.opsound.org and www.archive.org I found three great songs by three different artists - one from Florida USA [actually I'm Australian, but live in the USA - Brian], one from Germany and one from Sweden. The internet has made this movie a truly global project!

I'm releasing the project under a Creative Commons license.

The screenings so far:
Aug. 1 Seattle, WA USA: StockStock 2004 screening
Aug. 18 Los Angeles, CA USA: Filmmaker's Alliance DGA Awards Event

About me: I'm a CG lighting artist and I work on animated feature films in Glendale, CA USA. Digital filmmaking is my hobby. I have a modest entry on www.imdb.com.
Go me :) And go Curt too ;) !

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