Thursday, September 23, 2004

None for a hundred years, then three come along at the same time !
Hurricane Jeanne looks like it's going to hit us, which is a real drag. If it's less than a category three I think we'll stay home - the house stood up to Frances with no damage at all, and if it's weak enough and moving fast enough we might be better off sitting through this one. But that's not set in stone, of course; we'll see how the storm shapes up.

I've set up a streaming music server on the box at home, so anyone who reads this can take a look through my music and listen to it. Point your music player to and you'll hear whatever music the server has been told to play. You can change the music by directing your web browser to and using the menus to build a new playlist. I don't know what happens if more than one person tries to change the music at the same time.

Best of all, this is a free program ! Download the server from, makers of the Squeezebox, which is a piece of hardware that will hook into this same music stream and plug into your stereo system, and some other stuff too. Look at the bottom right of their screen for the "Slim Server 5" software.

Regnow have done what they need to do in order for me to start selling Mercury Mailroom, so here we go :)

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