Friday, September 03, 2004

Hurricane Blog Part 4
We made it to our hotel in Miami and are settling in for the night. The weather is very mild right now; the occasional shower and thick clouds is the only a tiny, tiny taste of what's to come. Unfortunately Patch's leg has not improved - he's howled without much warning twice tonight. We hope a good night's sleep on his bed (he has a mattress with real springs in it ! He definitely enjoys having a good springy mattress over the foam ones that crush down to nothing under his weight) will give him some stability. He seems to be bouncing back very quickly and there's a vet on the same road we're staying on, so tomorrow morning we'll take him down for a look-see.

The cats hated the trip, as they usually do. But Aura bounced back very quickly and within a minute was exploring, bouncing all over the hotel room and playing with a catnip mouse. Garibaldi, the brave hunter of lizards and small furry creatures, immediately retreated to the space under the sofa and took twenty minutes to emerge. This is par for the course for both of them.

I made four trips carrying stuff from the cars to the room before I realized that hotels have those big rolling baggage carts, and picked up all the rest of the stuff in one trip. We have enough food for about a week, which we'll only need if the hurricane takes out the power to the house for a few days. Our neighbor, Toni, works for Hilton and got us rooms at short notice at a great rate, but as of now we're only booked in for two nights...we definitely need another night ! Hopefully Toni can pull some strings tomorrow.

Thanks to Keith, Dad, Anne and Deac, Vicky, Scott and Rebecca for calling to see how we are. Good mojo to Rebecca, who lives in Sebastian and is the likely target for Frances' landfall at the moment. And good luck to Vicky and Scott who are driving to Tampa with two huskies in tow !


Daniel Bowen said...

Glad to hear you're both (all?) okay.

heh, if you have to evacuate your house, staying in the Miami Hilton sounds like a pretty civilised way to do it!

Anonymous said...

Hey Brian,

Thanks for posting the updates to your blog. Saves us worrying while you weather the storm. What IS it with Florida weather? And I thought Melbourne.AU was unpredictable!!

Glad to hear you'll all be miles away from the storm. We've got all our appendages crossed hoping that it turns away at the last minute.

Sorry to hear about Patch... hope he pulls through OK. I understand large Dogs tend to be prone to hip ailments, so hopefully there's a treatment if he's a long time a-healin'.

Typical cats eh? Why is it the brave hunter males are always the ones that run under the bed when the lightling strikes. Our two behave much the same ;-)

Take care over there.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that you and Deanne and, of course, the pets are safe. As Sean said, such a good idea posting here and keep us all from worrying - we hope that the storm won't be as severe as predicted and that your house will withstand the storm - less for you to worry about. Love to both of you
Ray & Rosa

Anonymous said...

Hi Brian & Deanne,

We are thinking about you and following the storm news. Hoping that you will be safe as will your posessions. I will never complain about rain on the golf course ever again :)
Dad and Mum xxx