Sunday, September 05, 2004

Hurricane Part 6
It's Sunday night and we're still in Miami, bored and ready to go home and see what the storm did to our house. Like everyone else we've watched the reports on TV, and so far we're hopeful that the house is intact because I haven't seen anything more sturdy than a mobile home that's taken any damage. Flooding is another matter, of course, because West Palm Beach caught 12 inches of rain and we are about 20 minutes north of there. I'm hoping that because the eye passed over our town that the downpour from the west side of the hurricane drained away before during the 8-10 hours during which the eye passed over and no further rain fell. And if so, then the rain from the east side may have stayed low enough to not flood our house.

I'll probably go home tomorrow if I can get gas for the cars, and let Deanne know if its safe to come home. A part of Interstate 95 was washed out, but we'll take the turnpike home if it's safe. I really hope our power has been restored - I hate the heat and the thought of trying to fix up the house without our air-conditioners would really be awful !

Patch went to the vet today, after another attack of terrible pain. The vet diagnosed a pinched nerve, also called a "lumbo-sacrial condition" which thankfully should be able to be kept under control with pills and hot water bottles three times a day. The good news is that Patch is in great condition other than this new thing - his artificial knee joint is in perfect shape, his hips and joints are strong, his weight is fine, muscle tone is perfect and he's just a big friendly guy :) I'm very glad he's not in any danger and this condition is treatable. He's going in for X-Rays ASAP to nail down the diagnosis. He had singapore noodles, General Tso's Chicken and rice for dinner last night, sausage, egg, muffins and yogurt this morning...he's eating the same stuff we are :)

Thanks to everyone for calling Mum and Dad to check on our condition - sorry I didn't blog again sooner, but the net connection here is flakey.

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