Friday, September 03, 2004

Hurricane Part 5
It's a bit of an anti-climax so far. The storm has slowed down a lot and seems to be weakening, though there's a good chance it'll strengthen again when it hits warmer waters. So we're hunkered down in our hotel, eating, watching TV and using the free WiFi provided by the Hampton Inn - thanks Hampton !! I ate like a pig this morning - seemed to have a bottomless stomach after all the lifting and moving yesterday, which started at 6.45 am Thursday and didn't end till 1:00 am Friday.

Patch hasn't had any pain this morning, and is eating like a king: five sausage patties, two biscuits, a yogurt, his dry food and some leftovers from yesterday. Garibaldi is still a bit skittish but his appetite has returned. We've also managed to extend our stay to Sunday night, which gives us a nice stable situation to last out the storm.

We've stopped watching hurricane speculation on the TV and Deanne has the movie Starman on, which is a sweet film. I'm going to do some more work on Mercury Mailroom now; simplify the shareware key and add some more functionality that was suggested by my friend Shannon.


Anonymous said...

Hi...its Uncle Joe from Malta. Hope you ride the storm ought to at The Hilton...we are keeping our fingers crossed...and informed through this media

Joe - Malta

Anonymous said...

Hi guys, it's Uncle Percy and better half aunty Carmen wishing you all the luck you all deserve riding this hurricane.....will be thinking of you and hoping all will end well

Anonymous said...

GOOD have been through so much..everytime we hear a report we go running to see the damage it's created so horrible for you to go through this....we are all thinking of you..keep us informed..cousin cathy..

Billy said...

All the fun with very little of the destruction! I like it!