Sunday, May 28, 2006

newspaper article about me

I was fortunate enough to have a very nice article written about me in our newspaper! You can read the whole thing here if you'd like. Update A couple of weeks later a local frame shop (The Great Frame Up) that had framed a lot of art for me wrote me a note and said they'd like to frame this article for me, for free! What a nice surprise! Posted by Picasa


Rosa said...

Hi Brian - Yes it's Auntie R again!!! I wanted to read the article so much, but only a small portion of it loads!!! Gotta be my fault I know but what can you do??
You see?!?!?! I DO check out your blog regularly!! :)
Auntie R

Anonymous said...

Hi Brian,

Great article! Good to see that some newspapers doing articles on "nice" instead of the usual tabloid pulp they put out. Even better to get your mug in the paper.