Sunday, May 14, 2006

I took these pictures during rehearsal last night, partly because I wanted to test out a new lens I'd bought. It's a Canon fixed 50mm, f1.8 and I'm very glad I bought it. I was able to take these shots at 1/50th to 1/90th of a second in available light, and when I tried switching back to my 28-105mm zoom lens I got readings of between 1/5th and 1/20th of second, which is unsuitable for handheld shooting. The only trouble came when I needed to take flash pictures of a group larger than three or four people; I had to stand so far back with the fixed 50mm view that the flash didn't reach them properly and the shot was quite dark. But for available light, the "nifty fifty" is a winner. And it's only around $70-$80.

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veleska1970 said...

very nice!! i prefer to shoot in natural light also. i used to have a nikon n50, it was 12 years old. spent the last 10 years or so acquiring lots of equipment, and just to have it all stolen right after hurricane katrina (i'm a new orleans victim...**groan**)

anyhoo, these are very nice. do you do any black and white also? have you shot any of the church? the last time i shot pix of the church in concert, around 1993 or so, to my disdain i had to use a dinky little point and shoot because security was checking people coming in the door, so i had to use something small enough to smuggle in under my jacket. the flash was powerful enough, though, but some did come out a little overexposed. i was right up on the stage, right under steve. got some really great shots. one of these days i'm going to upload the pix, just haven't done it yet.....

Brian said...

Hi, and thanks for taking a look at my blog :) I'm sorry to hear about your equipment being stolen; I hope your insurance took good care of you. And its nice to know that with the way the price of this stuff has fallen you'll be able to replace it for a lot less than you paid :)

I use a Canon digital camera, so the original pics are all in colour, but I sometimes change the images to black & white using Picasa (, which is an excellent photo organizer and cleaner-upper.

I've taken hundreds of pics of The Church over the years and most of them are posted in the image gallery in Shadow Cabinet ( Luckily the band give me backstage passes so I can take lots of pictures without getting hassled by the eagle-eyed security guys. I'm really looking forward to photographing the next tour, since I have much better equipment now than I did before.

I'd be happy to host your Church pictures at Shadow Cabinet if you'd like - just let me know!