Saturday, May 20, 2006

For the past month or so I've been taking pictures at our local dog park, then cleaning them up with the excellent (and free!) Picasa program, then printing the best pictures and giving them to the dog's owners. It's been a great way to meet new people at the park and everyone has been very happy with the pictures, which in turn makes me feel talented, so everybody wins :)

If you've got a good digital camera and some skills and time on your hands I'd urge you to do this for your friends at the park. You can see more of my pictures at my flickr photo streamPosted by Picasa


Rosa said...

Great to see you're back!!! love your pics - so animated!! fantastic. It IS a great to meet people and I bet they loved meeting you :):) - well it must run in the family - I know another male who takes pics of his beloved labrador (Harley) - nowhere close to your talent mind you! (hehehe and he bought me lunch yesterday!!! how mean am I?!?) - keep them coming :)
Auntie R XXXXX

Tony Pucci said...

Hey Brian! Great photos, I really love the one on'd make a great CD cover! Please stop by my myspace page:
...and read the "about tonypucci" section, there's something I think you'll be very interested in at the bottom!!!
All the best,
Tony Pucci

Brian said...

Whoah! Tony! New Donnette Thayer album?! That's fantastic work, Tony, I'm so glad you're both working together on a new project - let me know if/when I can post something on Shadow Cabinet

Brian said...

And rosa, of course, its always nice to get a comment from you - I'll write you an email and say hello again properly :)

ulrik said...

Hey Brian!

Those are crazy photos!!! how did you get them to pose :-) I looked at flickr for more pics but couln't find them. please send the link: ulrik @

I have a Patch of my own but not as much action, check him out at

take it easy!