Saturday, October 16, 2004

I thought this picture of the huskies was really nice - they look almost attentive and obedient, don't they ;) ! Posted by Hello

I've been using a lot this week; they have a lot of ambient/electronic music that I'm interested in and they're even carrying Margot Smith's two albums, which is a good thing. She worked with three members of my favourite band The Church on her "Taste" album but sadly she hasn't put out any more albums since then. They also have several Ashra Tempel albums, who Marty Willson-Piper said are really good. We'll see :) I'm also enjoying Daniel Lanois's "Shine" and Basque's "Falling Forward".

I downloaded the Google desktop, which is such a no-brainer I can't see why Microsoft have not done it. Their file find command in Explorer is *so* slow and inaccurate and there are already so many shareware products that index the content of your hard-drive that it seems very strange for MS not to come out and write their own. Oh well, you snooze you loose.

My friend Daniel Bowen has asked me to start writing a regular diary about my efforts to sell my utterly cool and wonderful program Mercury MailRoom, which so far have yielded zero sales. Doesn't seem like there'd be much to write about, but I have plans...why do all geeks have plans ? My List of Plans is currently as follows:

  • Try and promote MMR to small businesses that get too much email
  • Promote MMR to overworked tech support bods in small firms
  • Following my friend Paul Qualls's advice, promote customized versions of MMR to firms that want it to do something special with their database or whatever. Big bucks
  • Resurrect my Reptile screensaver and do "something" with it in OpenGL.
  • Get my home studio working again. Erm...step one should be get a home studio. Need a microphone and good sound card, so I can record more little tunelets.
  • Learn how to set up a web site that gets its content out of a database. Using all Open Source tools, of course.
  • Learn how the hell CSS style sheets work.
  • Learn to use Blender, the free 3d animation and rendering package.
  • Scan all my old photos into digital loveliness.
  • Record all my good videos into DVD format. I'll do this when some software comes along that makes it easy to add chapter points on a DVD.
  • Print out some of the 10 000 digital pictures I have and put them in frames - I love my family, why don't I have more pictures of them ?
  • Learn to draw - my doodling started to look almost interesting a while ago.
  • Various home maintenance things too boring to think about :)
So that's all my cunning plans. Not quite Rimmer's "Daily Goal List" (Number 37...learn Portugese) but a nice group of interesting projects.

Hey, here's a new blog meme I'm declaring: write a paragraph where each word begins with the next letter of the alphabet. Lets call it an alphagraph for easy googling/memetracking later.Here's my alphagraph:

And begin counting down, even following grey housewives into junk-kindled lines made noisy, or perhaps quit. Raise security though under violence we x-ray your zipper.

Tell your friends :)


Anonymous said...

A beautiful card delivered every Friday gets hindu indian jolly kangaroo longing many nasty oranges! Pears, quite rightly, suit the utter villian well. X'rays? ...... yes zillions!

(will try better later on lol!! - to early in the day to think) - good fun though Brian


Anonymous said...

OK, I'll have a crack at it...

After Barry caught dotty elephants, five gentle horses irritated jumpy kittens, lazily musing normally over pie - quite reasonably satisfied tabbies - until virtuoso's whacked xylophones yelling "Zorba!"



Daniel Bowen said...

Open source CMS: Uses CSS too. (If you start writing for you'll see it in action.) Okay it's more a blogging tool than a CMS, but I'm actually trying it out for a CMS-like project.

MamboServer (.com) is a fully-fledged open-source CMS, which has a lot of good features, but a couple that annoyed me so much (particularly the extraordinarily long URLs it produces, which are a failing of many CMSs) I haven't elected to use it yet.

There's others around, too.

I'm not even going to try the alphabet thing. Anything starting with X is almost bound to be X-Ray or Xylophone, somewhat restricting artistic expression!

Anonymous said...

Daniel's post just reminded me... I did a bit of research a few months ago to evaluate open source CMS products. My situation was kinda the opposite of Daniel's in that I was looking for a blogging tool, and settled for a CMS instead. Most of them have their annoying quirks, but I finally settled on phpwebsite because I found it the simplest to customise.

You might want to visit which has a writeup on practically every CMS available and let's you do side by side comparisons. I used it to narrow my choices down so I'd only have to install a handfull of the things while I was evaluating.



Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Kinda themed... Ok, somebody else's turn ;-)


Anonymous said...

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