Saturday, October 30, 2004

Hearing The Music Again
It's been a good few days for my music. The nice chaps at, who are using my piece "Ghost" as their intro and credit music asked if I had any more like it - he said "I recently received an email from someone who really enjoyed the show, and the "sweet-ass sounding theme"!. Sadly I don't, but among my projects-for-the-near-future was the task of getting my recording sessions going again. This seemed like a good opportunity to get started, so I went out and bought a keyboard, microphone and little pre-amp doodad for talking to the computer with and will be doing some recording this week. I hope I like what I produce !

I've also made great progress in getting Shadow Cabinet into its new skin. The Mambo CMS I'm using can be hard to set up; they just changed versions and a lot of the old components don't work any more, but with a few nights work I managed to get it all going. It's nice to be able to load up the content and know that I can change the appearance later on without much work at all. I loaded a lot of the old tour photos in this morning and might be able to publish something in a couple of weeks. I feel like I'm into the fine-tuning part now, though I still can't figure out how the menu system works.

Deanne had a long week in Miami and Boston and is catching up on some sleep right now. I'm going to hook up the 200 GB external drive I bought from and start doing regular backups of my whole hard disk - I've put too much time into what's on there to think about starting again !

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Daniel Bowen said...

I've gone right off Mambo, since I discovered how bad their interpretation of "friendly URLs" is (extremely long, okay for search engines but hopeless for humans) and the fact that their page category structure is so rigid that a page can't exist in two categories at once. It does have some other nice features, but is a bitch to install.

I've been told Drupal is quite good, but haven't looked closely at it as yet. It does seem to produce human-friendly URLs.