Thursday, May 22, 2003

Project Jupiter

This is a program I'm working on in my spare time, a couple of hours a night after work...while Deanne is away, of course ! When she's home we spend all our time together, but when she's out I flex my "independent programmer" muscles and see what I can create. I have almost completed "Mail Room", which is a business application and not really what I want to talk about. Project Jupiter is a rewrite of the Reptile program I wrote at Sausage Software, designed to allow a user to manipulate colorful, moving images of seamless textures. Not much to go on, I know, and I can't post images here, but just giving anyone who reads this a heads-up that this program is coming. I'm hoping it will be used at nightclubs as something cool to watch on a big screen, or perhaps projected behind bands when they play a concert.

It started out as a "sequencer" style of application, but last night it took a detour into more of a "live control" mode - you don't have total control over what it does, but enough to make it expressive and interesting, I hope.

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