Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Siesta, by Hellblazer

Originally uploaded by Hellblazer.
I'm going to try using flickr's blog posting service to put someone else's picture in my blog. This is a beautifully Maltese picture; it reminds me of the short time I was able to spend with my grandfather, Arthur Smith, before he passed away when I was four years old. We sat on the steps of his house in Balzan and played, I suppose :) My thanks to Hellblazer for taking and posting this picture.

I've been working hard on the Shadow Cabinet site ( and I'm quite pleased with it now - it's a fan site for my favourite band and I've learned a lot about content management and also how to use the free software called GIMP for image editing. My fractal explorations are still going strong; there's four new images in the "Brian's Fractals" link on the right side of the page, and I have some more coming.


Anonymous said...

That is a lovely and tranquil setting. From the shop sign it looks like the photo was taken on the island of Gozo. Congrats to Hellblazer for capturing that siesta mood :)


Hellblazer said...

I'm glad that you like the Photo :-)

Yes it's Gozo, Victoria, the Citadel there. I spent a holiday there last year in may and made a lot of pictures - i hope to upload them the next days, i'm a newby on flickr, so i'm a bit slow yet ;-)