Thursday, August 12, 2004

Financial Analyst's Holiday
Just listening a story on the radio about the toy store Toys 'R Us possibly splitting up and spinning the Babies 'R Us into a seperate business. The Babies stores are doing much better than the others (and having seen the prices, I can see why) because "people buy for babies year round, but only buy for their kids on birthday and during the 4th Quarter Holidays."

The 4th Quarter Holidays ? "Happy 4th quarter, Johnny ! If you've been good, CFO Santa might bring you fiduciary instruments at 1 point above the prime rate !" HAR !

No, I know, he was being a nice guy and including all religions who have a different holiday at that time; but it took me by surprise and sounded utterly heartless, which is how economists sometimes seem.

I've heard back from the president of the company about me leaving - he asked me why I was going, of course, and wished me luck. He was nice enough to say I could come back if it didn't work out, but I told him I was pretty confident that ScriptRX had answered all my questions about stability, future prospects etc. So it's a done deal, and now I wait to say goodbye to the friends I've made over the past two years. I should take some pictures too.


Anonymous said...

> I should take some pictures too.
Won't that leave weird discoloured patches on the walls? Seriously though, congratulations on the new job, but... did you manage to find out if Patch still get's his own "parking" space?



Brian said...

Hi Sean :)
"Take some pictures"...why you little... :) Actually I haven't put anything on the wall in the new office, so no paint will be harmed when I go. The new guys said it'd be OK to bring Patch, but I only asked once, briefly, during the first interview. I may have to remind them :)