Monday, February 24, 2003

Night Swimming

Deanne loves to swim in our pool, especially just before bed. After a long day of dealing with the world and/or me, it's the best way for her to unwind. Since we go to bed quite late, we'll often be out there at midnight or 1 AM...yes, we have a pool heater and keep the pool at 85 deg. F. A few nights ago while we were floating around it began to rain. And it was such a beautiful sight that I wanted to write about it.

With my nose and mouth under water, and my eyes just above the surface, I watched the raindrops crowing the darkened surface. A small ring of water would spread up and out, and a single large drop would leap up and out of the water, something like this. The pool's spotlight lit this from one side, so it wasn't like seeing it in daylight at all. I'll try and photograph it next time it happens.

The nicest thing about this was that I'm not given to swimming much myself - this was all thanks to Deanne. Because of her I'm learning a lot of new ways to see the world and find beauty in places I never expected it.

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